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From time to time business opportunities arise which can change everything ....

.... Are you ready for a new revolutionary online company?

Be part of a whole new dimension. The experts agree - this business model is exclusive and absolutely unique! An absolute dream: No product distribution and no conventional sponsoring.

How to participate in USI-TECH?

With Bitcoin-Packages, you participate in the mining and trading activities of USI-TECH. These are short-term and long-term trades of BitCoin and Alt-Coins as well as the mining of different crypto currencies. You do not need any knowledge in this area, nor do you need to trade yourself.

BTC-Packages are an investment in the form of packages worth 50 EUR each (payable in BitCoin). Over a period of 140 business days you receive your deposit back with daily 1% (40% profit).

The BTC-Package
BTC-Package price
0,01499 BTC (example)
BTC-Package runtime
140 business days (Monday - Friday)
Return of Capital
Daily payout

Your account at USI-TECH is completely managed in BTC. Compared to other programs, this has the great advantage that you can also participate in the anticipated price increases of BitCoin.

Bitcoin-Packages are wonderfully uncomplicated and therefore represent a very attractive investment for beginners as well as for professionals. BTC-Packages are the second product of USI-TECH and are offered since 01.03.17.

USI-TECH is an international company with the best IT and Forex market experts in the industry. For many years, USI-TECH has specialized in the development of automated trading software in the Forex market. In the past 8 years, USI-TECH has developed more than 100 software variants for this market in a variety of different formats.
These are tested in practice and are successfully used in the trade. Some of these software systems were developed in direct collaboration with well-known brokers according to their specifications.

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